We are temporarily on hiatus.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but due to time constraints I’m putting this site on temporary hiatus for now. This site will still be open, but both the premade covers and custom commissions will not be available for purchase. I really enjoyed working with all the wonderful authors, and I will be back again soon. To be notified first when Enspire Covers is back, you can sign up for the newsletter. Thanks for understanding!

I’m Kitty. I’m a graphic designer and book lover whose passion is making books’ outsides as well-crafted as the writing within. To do this, I offer my graphic design services making professional-quality custom and premade book covers at prices that authors can actually afford. Feel free to take a look around my site, learn more about me or this site, check out my custom commissions, CC coversFAQs, and guide to categories, labels, and tags, or go straight to the premade covers below. You can also find a complete archive of all of my work (including custom commissions) on my Tumblr portfolio.

So without further ado, welcome to my site, and I hope it helps you put your best book forward.

*Notice: As of cover #60, the cover codes will no longer indicate Fiction or Nonfiction, but only cover type (Ebook Only (E) or Full Spread (F)). The new cover codes will look like E1-Example for Ebook Only, and F1-Example for Full Spread. CC Covers will still have the CC indicator. For more information, visit this post.*

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